Is there is a way to convert catia manikin model into 2d drafting

I want to make the process flow, so I need to represent the position of the operator. I made the 3d model in catia but I need it as a 2D drawing. How can I convert that 3d manikin into 2d drawing

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I don't have the CATIA manikin license to test this, but I think any CATIA 3D model can be used as input to generate CATIA drawings.

Try it yourself. Just make a drawing and create some views based on the manikin.

Or make an Assembly and insert the manikin along with some equipment. And then make a drawing based on the assembly.

Include some pictures so we can all learn from this.

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As it is surface try saving in stp and then import and draft it. Hope this will work. Make sure to tell us result what you got.

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