Is this possible to convert the autocad 2D drawing into solidworks 3D if yes,tell me how?

Some drawings i cant understand in 2D if the 2D can convert into 3D it will help me, maybe its too much please help me.

2 Answers

inventor has, i believe sinds 2008 a nice 2D to 3D tool. it is downloadeble from the autodesk website. i hope this helps you.
for the tutorial check:

Solidworks allows you to import a dwg file to the model space as a sketch. With that said you need to understand that solidworks does not like sketches with hundreds or thousands of lines, arcs and text. If you want to import a autocad drawing file make a copy of it and delete everything except the essential geometry and import only that. You also can also do this for side views and orient the imported views as needed. Be sure to correct for scale of each imported view so they are all full size. Use these imported sketckes to convert entities onto the sketches that form bosses and cuts to create the 3D part.