Isometric projection of the cut

Carry out the projection of section A-A, I attach the designs, an image of what I request


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I'll admit that I don't make drawings very often as a lot of our stuff goes straight to a 3D printer, or a CNC mill.

When I look at that partial section view, it makes me think that it was done at the part level, and not in the drawing.
There might be a way to do that in a drawing which someone can show, but I'd do it at the part level.

- open the part
- create a new configuration
- Add a cut extrude feature to remove the unwanted material
- Make sure the cut extrude feature is only active (unsurpressed) in this new configuration.
- Go back to the drawing
- Insert a new isometric view of the part (or copy/paste the original one)
- Specify for the new isometric view to show the new configuration created above
- Add cross hatching to any faces you'd like to have it on. Don't try to do this by hand, use the cross hatch tool.

It would look like the attached image.
I can't explain why the cross hatches show up through the part. That is not supposed to work that way.

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I don't fully understand the question, but I think you are looking for something like this image. Obviously it should be created in SolidWorks though.

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