Jacobian points when meshing- what are those??

I'm really stumped right now. I'm trying to test a very small part and i keep getting a jacobian points/nodes error. When i run the analysis, it starts calculating it, but then states that there are distorted jacobian poitns/nodes and suggests i increase the points/nodes amount from 4 to 29. I have no idea what that means or why the mesh is failing when it was working yesterday...

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Jacobian error means you have some elements have very narrow angles, and those elements will produse very unrealistic results which affects full problem solution towards increasing the stress (generally). You have to make all elements have nice angles ideally greater than 15 deg in triangular (pyramidal) mesh, and >30 deg in quadratic (brick) mesh. And do not use Cosmos for these analyses, it is not that good. I would suggest Ansys structural or Patran/nastran, especially if you are using composites.

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