Job: Designing a GL32 screw cap


After a few weeks of searching for a 3D model of a GL32 screw cap I would like to advertise the job here. Please PM me if you are interested.



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Hi FredSWUG,

thanks very much for your help on this! I must admit that I wasted some of your precious time not having been clear enough with the attached drawing. I actually need a cap, so a female version of GL32. I found another helpful drawing which is below. Thanks again!

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I'm looking for a model I can print. It should be a working thread.
I've got the specifications (see attached) but not skilful enough to convert them into a proper model.

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The caps themselves don't look too difficult to model. The GL thread is the hard part. Finding specifications for that thread series will be difficult (without actually buying the specification).

Are you looking for a cap with a functional thread that you could print or machine and have work? Or are you just looking for a cap which will be used in an assembly, and it does not require a working thread?

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The specs look good, but look like the specs for an external thread. The internal thread will have some tolerance so it will fit. Guessing, and some test builds might eventually lead to a close enough approximation of the internal thread.

The pitch of this looks much different from any specs I found for the GL threads. The images I saw looked to have the threads at a very steep angle (45°?). This image has a much smaller angle.

I'll see what I can draw.

Two files and an image are attached.
There is no profile defined for the thread, from what I see online, it is supposed to be a round thread so it is easy to apply to glass products. The provided image does not appear to be using a round thread, so it may be best to consider this a best approximation based on the information.

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