Just can't get it right (tangent relations) making a simplified 2 storke engine.

so, i'm trying to create this for my assignemt, but the first part I can not get around to...

this is what I'm stuck on:

my problem is I do not know how to add the tangent relation, and im pretty sure that it is the reason I can't get the last step in the correct position.

Can someone explain this to me? thank you

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2 Answers

I am not sure what steps you followed. So I cannot tell you where you went wrong or you are stuck. I made the part, a very rough version, check if this is what you need to do. Hope this helps.

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Click the circle sketch, shift+click the side of the rectangle, click 'Tangent' relation, click the check-mark.

Not a direct answer but here is a (lengthier) video describing many of the relations available and then a brief showing of how it could be used.


Some are pretty basic, but it could provide some help in the future.

Also the real SW link with their descriptions and breakdowns:

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