Keeping constrains in inventor (from 2011 to 2012)

Hi everybody,

my workmate left all the 3D models of the machine we are building saved in Inventor 2011 version. I just got the 2012 version and now I'm in charged of my mate old job. When I open 3D models every sigle part is in its right position but no constrains at all...

Any idea?

Many thanks in advanced.

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2 Answers

From my experience this shouldn't have happened. Are you sure the files are in inventor format and not in step or iges?
But a way to get around this problem is the following. If your workmate has used the pack and go option you should be able to find the project file inside the folder. It is a file with the extension .ipj. If you double click this file all the project will migrate from inventor 2011 to 2012. Make sure you don;t have any unresolved files like screws or bearings first. This should take care of the constraints as well.

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Thanks Manolis,

I have followed what you sai but it doesn't work. I'll keep on trying other ways.

Many thanks anyway!

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