KeyShot 3.2.36/Black screen on import

Hi All GrabCAD'ers,

I just downloaded watermark version, Win 64b, of KeyShot from When I import SW part (.slddrw) only black screen appears. Every other features like scene and materials seems to work well in KeyShot . I'v never used KeyShot before. There must me something that I'v missed.

What is that I'm doing wrong?

Sincerely, Leo

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3 Answers

This happens with many Keyshot users.
Just hit H key on keyboard .. this will toggle heads-up display and your normal screen will be back.
This worked with me...

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Good to know that "H". Only KS working on my HardWare was 3.0.0. Two days ago I downloaded trial version of brand new KS 4. Problem started all over again. I need those new light-emitting materials and started to solve problem seriously.

I found this page:

My problen was old display adapter driver. Everyting ok now.

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Nope, standalone KS 3.2.36. At least I try to use it as standalone, no SW on.

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