KeyShot 3: Adding materials on surfaces of a single part


I am having problems with even selecting a surface in Key Shot 3. I made a part that will need different materials on different surfaces but if I drag a material on the part, the whole part gets the same material. Also with the "unlink material" it doesnt work, or it would work if I would have an assembly, then I could change the materials on different parts, but here I need to do changes on surface level.

Also I am having problems of importing SolidWorks 2014 files in to KeyShot 3, I get a message about some geometry import (error).

Has anyone got any clue what to do?


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The simple and best way to do that is to add different color to different face in your CAD software itself(I use NX).
-Now just import the cad in KEYshot- Keyshot will take different colors as different parts ,and now you can simply drag and drop your textures/materials.

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you have to add materials for each surface in solidworks if you need to apply the same or other material on the same surfaces in KeyShot.
For the 2014 version of solidworks try to export your project as a differant extension as Igs, step, parasolid ...

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Thanks for your answer. I did that already but the problem is, that in IGES I have problems with the surfaces as some of them get lost when I save SW file in IGES, in STEP the 3D model is okay, but it doesnt import the colours that I have choosen in SW. I will try in parasolid now...

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try opening the iges file in solidworks then re-add the colors and save the file, I just tried this on a test piece and it seems to works OK. not sure about 2014 into keyshot 3 problem. I assume you are only going down the iges route to get the file to open in Keyshot.

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i have this kind of problem about importing files in keyshot too but i manage to solve the problem. It seems that the solution is to upgrade your keyshot into version 5 or maybe v4 because v3 keyshot doesn't recognize files from solidworks in higher version. it will work but there could be some problems because some process are new to your outdated keyshot. hope it help.

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