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Keyshot 5 Model is not showing after import

By vishal karale on 17 Jul 07:03 3 answers 48 views 0 comments

I have installed keyshot 5 , Whenever i m going to import the file the file is not shown in workspace and after sometime it stops responding. i have tried keyshot 6 too but the same problem occurs. please give me suggensions about it.

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3 answers

  • Lucius R.B
    Lucius R.B 5 days ago

    open is you file and open with keyshot then rendering

  • FredSWUG
    FredSWUG 5 days ago

    It probably best not to tell the world you are using a cracked version of a program.
    But, pretending everything is normal, try this:
    Make simple model in your CAD program (i.e. a cube).Try to import it into Keyshot.
    If the above does not work:
    Export your cube from your CAD software in another format (stl, step, parasolid). Try to import it/them.
    If the above does not work:
    Start Keyshot, then generate a simple shape (i.e. a cube or sphere) from the Edit menu.

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