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Keyshot - How do I put it in Straight position

By vishal karale on 19 Jul 05:20 1 answer 0 comments

How to put it in a straight position

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  • FredSWUG
    FredSWUG 4 months ago

    Right click the "model" at the top most level of the scene manager tree (usually the right most pane).
    "Move" the model
    A triad/control wheel will pop up on the screen, just select the axis and type of adjustment (rotation, translate, scale) to perform, and you will get it.

    It may be helpful to choose the "right" or "front" camera to get a good sense of when it is straight.
    You can try "snap to ground" when done, but I usually have to slide the part up/down to the right elevation.

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