Keyshot stoped working as it should

So, I bought a new laptop. Reinstalled the stuff I had previously including keyshot 2.3. When I tried to import a model - that I had previously imported on my old desktop - it only imported part of the model. It's the same file, same keyshot version. Only thing diferent is the laptop (i7 + geforce gt635m - it's an asus n56vm) and i now run 64bit win7 - before i had 32bit win7 (pentium dualcore + geforce 9300).

Any ideas? Before it worked flawlessly, it was simply delightfull to work with keyshot, but now I can't even import my models (the most complex anyway).

BTW, I use autocad for modeling, but always export to iges with inventor 2013.

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2 Answers

I did try Keyshot 2 x64, but still I can't import my models...

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You need X64 bit Keyshot. You cant run x32 bit programs on x64 sometimes you can if the program is compatible but for keyshot you will need Keyshot x64 bit

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