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KeyShot VS Photoview 360

Question by Telson Erebor

Hi guys. I'm trying ti choose the best rendering package for my projects. I am having a hard time choosing between Keyshot and Photoview 360. They both create absolutely stunishing renders but I would like to get input from you guys about the advantages and disadvantages of both. I also included pictures of my recent renders in both. It would be awesome if you guys can choose which photo looks the best.

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Stephen Nyberg
Answered on 15 Dec, 2014 05:26 AM

I like them both as PV is easy when you are already in SW modeling but the final results in KS is just over the top amazing! It can be hard when you need to tweak a model to make it better for rendering and the need to keep importing changes rather than just doing all in one software. I will do quick renders to see how things are turning out in PV but in the end for the nice stuff I go to KS.

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Ricardo Herrera
Answered on 18 Dec, 2014 07:27 PM

KeyShot is the best rendering software. I use Keyshot in my rendering work.

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Musa Ibne  Mannan
Answered on 9 Jun, 2017 04:57 AM

Is it just me - who thinks KS is a lot weird and on-realistic to watch?
It makes the final image "WOW-some", I admit. But it then seems a lot like "CAD made - CAD made". But photo-view, despite of all facts, provides you much realistic image.

From my design of two, you'll know which one is KS. The beautiful and un-realistic one.

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