Knitting surfaces : Do you perform it along the way or towards the end of your project?

When your doing surface modeling , would you prefer to knit your surfaces as early as possible to add details like fillets ? or would you wait till your entire model is completed before starting to knit ? And why ?

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I would start knitting from beginning. There are many times when my model doesn't get knitted.

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I often knit surfaces to find out what wont knit. Then if it's all OK I'll undo the knit and carry on.
Some commands will only work with a knitted surfaces.
There are no rules. Do as you please and what works.

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Best practice is to knit time to time. but there is no such rule to knit at middle or at end. after finishing part u may dressup the model.

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Most of time I wait for the finished model. Especially fillets. Because fillets are the most trouble maker in solidworks :). When thickening operation is applied, some filleted edges are don't let the command work.
Knitting is very different thing. I don't apply it early times of model. Because some circumstances I use mutual trim. This command knit the surfaces when it used. So you don't need to waste your trim command in your feature manager.
In some cases, you need to use knit command step by step. Especially patterning process.
As a result these thing are relevant about your experience :). Good Luck...

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