knowledge requires for designing a mould base ?

i am belongs to mechanical field,i dont have knowledge about mould but i am a product designer(using nx 8.0) & i am interested for mould design,so please kindly can any one told me what are knowledge requirement for design a mould.

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Knowledge of mould components, mould tolerances, material properties of the steels used and when/where to use them in the mould, mould cooling, injection arrangements, ejection arrangements, material properties of the plastic being moulded, and the list goes on....You also need to know about the equipment needed to run the mold such as the molding machines themselves, chillers, heaters, etc.

From my experience mold design is a complete art/science unto itself, very little about product development, which is what I do as well, translates into mold design know-how.

We, as product developers, need to know enough about molding for when we're designing plastics, castings and such that we don't make difficult- or impossible-to-mold parts but in general mold design is a whole different world from what we do.

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