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Leaving edge Upon Face Deletion

By Demetre Young on 10 Nov 05:56 1 answer 1 comment

I'm going through a series of surface design videos. What I'm trying to do is delete a surface body, and leave two lines on the surface that intersects the bodies.

Here is the example of what I'm explaining.

My file has the result I'm always left with. I've tried different selection order, re-extruded the surfaces ect. Including clicking show tangent edges.

The result.png is what I'm trying to achieve which is the blue lines and what I end up with is my_attempt.png

Not sure how to leave the edge, hope you can help.

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Square Square


Lamborghini Aventador.SLDPRT, 889 KB

1 answer

  • Shaun Stone
    Shaun Stone over 2 years ago

    He is deleting the 0.4mm gap between the extruded surface and it's offset- you were deleting a part of the extrude. In the attached snip from his tutorial you can see the gap where the surface has been trimmed in this gap (06:22 in the youtube video).

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