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You are all doing amazing jobs ! I'm working in scientific research, numerical analysis to be more specific. I have no skill in doing CAD but I would like to use more advanced geometries than a disk in my numerical simulation.
For example, I found great CAD of plane or even a teapot (classical in inverse problem!). However, I did not found the license of the file : are all the CAD online under Creative Commons ? Or another License ? Or does it depends on the authors ?
In any case, if I use one of the CAD, I will obviously add a credit to the author.

Thanks again for your work and, in advance, for your answer.

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I think it is pretty safe to assume that when models are uploaded on this site, you the downloader can do anything with them.

Terms of use can be read here:

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This is the relevant part from the terms of use:

4. Content Posted on GrabCAD. All content submitted by the Contributors is for non-commercial use only, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Contributor.

You should check if publishing your results in a (commercial) paper infringes the license.

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