Link the hole measurement with the axis measurement

steps so that when changing the size of the hole change the measure of the axis. Thank you

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I'd make an assembly and insert the piece with the hole in it.
Then make a new part within the assembly.
Create a sketch, and either convert the edge of the hole, or even better, offset the edge of the hole to allow for some clearance.
Extrude the circle sketch into a new pin.

Now the diameter of the pin will always be driven by the size of the hole.

There are a lot of rules and guidelines to follow when working on top down assembly and part designs. For this hole/pin task it is pretty straight forward, but it would be very easy to mess something up.

Give the above sequence a try. If it fails, upload your models and assembly. I'm sure it can be fixed without too much trouble.

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The features can be linked, but which will drive the other?
Does the pin dictate the size of the hole? Or does the hole decide the size of the pin?

Also, a 20mm pin will not fit in a 20mm hole. It seems like they would fit, but only in the magical world of CAD models with perfect geometry do such things happen.

There are several ways the parts could be related to each other as well. In a part file, or in an assembly are the most common. Can you provide more information on how the parts will be used? I'm sure a specific method can be determined once the end goal is better understood.

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I don't think I've ever tried to link a value between two independent files. But, check the help file for "Share Equations Among Models".
It suggests that you can export a text file from one model, and import it to another model.
It sounds interesting, but for a pin that fits in a hole, doing the equation in an assembly likely makes the most sense.

Another way to do it would be with a single multi-body part file. The bodies could then be saved off as independent part files that relate back to the original multi-body part.

The path selected will be dictated by the need/reason to link these values, and the future difficulty/ease to edit the files.

Like I used to tell my students "External references, and equations are powerful tools, and so are chainsaws. You need to know what you are doing before using it, otherwise there can be some serious consequences later."

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