Load/Weight Similation Issue

Hello all.... again...

So I am having an issue with simulation in solidworks.
I have searched but it seems like everyone that replies to others posts, always go off topic and dont exactly answer the question...

So I have a beam and I want to know how much weight it can hold before having any issues or deforming.

Attached is the 3d file using 2014 solidworks.... and a photo of the part I am trying to find the max weight on (specifically trying to see if it can hold 5k lbs. )

Issue I am having is Solidworks Simulator seems to expect others to be scientists...

How do I convert the information provided (Von Mises PSI) to Available/Max lbs?

Can anyone explain to me how to find out how many lbs items can hold and where their weakest points may be using Solidworks? I know its estimated but would definitely help.

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1 Answer

The Von Misses is used for ductile materials (use max. principle for brittle materials). after you apply your load in the simulation, find where the max stress is and look to see if your mesh was well applied and that the stress looks reasonable (maybe to a validation with a simplified hand calc to see if it sounds reasonable). This stress you can then compare to the materials yield strength. Take the yield strength of the material and divide it by the von misses and this should be your factor of safety (FOS). The FEA model should be linear so if it is higher than your yield strength, you should be able to do a simple calculation to determine the force to get you to your desired FOS.
I hope this help.

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