Locking the DOF of a link

Hi everyone,
i am working on a tripod robot and want to simulate it on Solidworks. At present i wish to overcome a simple problem.
i have made a purley generic model of a tripod on solidworks and i am testing different Solidworks Motion features on it.
If i apply only the Gravity Feature, the model falls to the underlying disc defined as gound (as it should.) but the links also change their orientation and lie flat on the disc.
I want to know of some feature that can restrict the links to their orientation.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
I dont know how to attach the assembly file otherwise i would have..
Thanks in anticipation.

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2 Answers

Hi Huzaifa,
You can use mates to restrain orientations, first make 3 axis by using the Axis from Reference Geometry.
Define each axis by selecting two of the main planes; Front, Top and Right. Make all the combinations to have 3 Axis.
Now just constrain the links by mating it to an axis using parallel.

Second option is to mate the links to the main planes by using Perpendicular.

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Thanks for the reply..
but i am afraid that this restriction in mates will hinder the motion even when i require it..
i hoped that something the sort of a servo motor might help me out in this problem..
Any suggestions on that?

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