logo wrapping, embossing, engraving?

I have learned the basic wrap feature in sw2010 and have done my best to sketch logos using lines, arcs, etc. I here however that there is a way to directly import images and sw recognizes the art and creates an embossed feature. I found a link on another site that shows how to do it but I cant seem to get the same buttons and options in my properties manager and could use some help with this.

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if you mean sketch tracer, you will need to enable it in Tools >> addins and when you import a picture under it's feature manager click next for using sketch tracer.

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Photoworks enabled! basic and advanced tabs now showing. Thank you.

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ill try this. thanx a million friend

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Still not getting the advanced/basic tabs to show.

in the "?" sw help page it says... 'The Advanced tab is only available with the PhotoWorks application. It includes the Illumination , Mapping , and Surface Finish tabs, and additional options in the Color/Image tab. To display the simplified Color/Image interface, click the Basic tab.'

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