logos or decals final render in reverse of what you see in solidworks

Here is something that confuses me. You insert a logo. It always seems to start in reverse so you adjust the mapping to look correct by changing it from projection to surface. Then the decal is shown the right way in the non rendered format. But when you do your final render it shows up in reverse. If you do the opposite and leave it in reverse when you final render it stays in reverse, I don't get it. I love solidworks but it sure has some quirky things about it. I generally just do a drag and drop from explorer instead of going though the tedious conversion to a solidworks logo file format but it is a pain. Dragging and dropping a Jepg file straight from explorer sometimes works other times no. worked fine most of the time in SW 2015. Seems like SW 2016 is where this problem seems to be more common. Don't know about you guys Soldworks 2016 is junk. I am not impressed. I hate everything about it from the bugs to the Icons to heavy crashing. 2015 was almost perfect then they wrecked it.

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I've used SolidWorks for 20 years, and the one thing I've come to expect is that whatever I do, I'll need to press the "flip" or "reverse" button before accepting it :) Eventually I just got used to it.

I gave up trying to render things in SolidWorks. Some people do great work there, so I know it is not the software. It was just me fighting with the interface, and trying to figure out how to add lights to a scene.
Then I tried Keyshot, and rendering became fun, it was no longer work.

I did not have any crashing problems with 2016, but I also waited for one or two service packs to be released before giving it a try.

The icon change was/is terrible, but it only took me a year to start getting used to it. You should have the option for "Classic" icons under tools - options - system options - colors... But, that always seemed like a half measure to try and quiet the rather vocal, angry mob forming in the SolidWorks forums.

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Thank you for your comment. I'm glad I am not the only one on this topic. Solidworks really took a dive after 2015. I have 2016 SP04. The Icons are a bit better but obviously a half baked effort to please the users. The Photo 360 is buggy as well and have to do funky things to even get it to work sort of. Have Keyshot 5 but never worked on my 2 year old windows 7 machine a flagship Precision laptop with all the bells and whistles and every upgrade possible. Cost me a bundle. I couldn't even get it to install except on an old 11 year old XP machine I have. I don't get it. Keyshot is far superior to Photo 360. I wish it didn't take 2 separate PC's to get the job done. Thank you for the effort to respond. As far as the decal thing I guess I am stuck doing the JPEG to P2D file format conversion hassle. Again Thank you and have a great day!
Kindest regards David

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