Look the FEM three phase transformer model and please someone tell me where i went wrong

I am using femm4.2 software to do the performance evaluation of 3- phase transformer.

In this model i am trying to get the flux line so i can find leakage flux linking to the tank wall. So i can reduce stray losses by putting shunts in that. But i am not getting the total losses as in range of my 15MVA transformer. Can anyone please help me out here? Its a bit urgent so if anyone can take a look it would be appreciated.

I am attaching the file here "last.fem" and its result file "last.ans". Please tell me where i went wrong. i build the model as per knowledge i could grasp from manual and this groups discussions. and david meeker's single phase transformer file.
yeah i changed it to oil but then how i could i make steel tank then? do you have any idea? if you then please tell.

By the way even if i change it to oil my winding losses remains the same which is too high.

At first I put 1006 steel in the outer region but when i changed it to oil the solver gets stuck after a little. Attaching the picture and the oil changed fem file. But if you also know how to make the tank wall around without giving steel property to all region please do tell.

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Hi I was trying with your transformer model, I do not found any boundary conditions, I simulate with one and found some losses results near 6 kW.

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