Looking for decent software for auto nesting cabinetry for CNC routing

Hi all been searching for decent software for a while, if it even exists, that will auto nest a bunch of 3D parts for cabinets and such.

I want to just load a bunch 3D models of the individual panels into a program and tell it to nest these into sheets of the size I specify, to minimize waste material. It needs to be able to read the cut depths and set tooling compensation, stepping depth and speed etc and export as g-code for our router to read. Would also have to have nest options to enable or disable auto rotation of parts, so that timber grain remains a uniform direction where required.

Does anyone know of a program that would do this?

The current process we use is very long and time consuming. I create the entire cabinets in Solidworks and export flat pack drawings to DXF for someone else to nest in Autocad and then load into ArtCAM and setup cut depths and tooling. Also leaves lots of room for human error and if a change in made to the main model all of the work must be repeated.


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I don't think it is meant for use with CNC equipment, but take a look at Materialise Magics, or see if they have a program better suited for CNC work.

The times I used the software, it was great at nesting objects. I mostly used it for 2D profiles from say the top view to optimize cuts for our shop, but it will also nest 3D objects.
The software is mainly used by 3D printers using SL, Polyjet, and SLS technologies, but like I said, they may have something suitable for CNC work.

You might also send a message to member Lucius R.B
He was just sating the other day that he was working with nesting software for his furniture designs, but I'm not aware of the details.

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Swood for SolidWorks= nesting+ tehnologie (cnc)

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Thanks for the info will look into these :)

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