Looking for engine drawings for the visual aspect and for dimemensions

just a student looking to practice turning plans into 3d model,now I know I can do it the other way around,make 3d modle and then pull drawings from it but just wanted plans to help with engine internals in block aswell as head ie oil ways and water jackets

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Dear Mr. Lenane,

It is extremely hard to find proper dimensioned drawings for V8 engines. Generally, you may want to purchase a caliper (as I did) and contact and auto-parts store or mechanic's workshop. They are generally very lenient and will allow you to find the measurements yourself. I would recommend looking at older engines for dimensions. Those are not hard to find. But, since you seem to want to use the internet, here you go: http://www.john-tom.com/IC%20Engines/WhittleV8/Whittle-V8%2010cc%20COMBINEDAdobe9.pdf

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Hi James I might be able to help you with that one, but you have to E-mail addy on your profile can you add it please and I shall send you some layout drawings.

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