looking for solidworks and rendering designers for a coffee pot

I am looking for a designer to upgrade my coffee pot to make it look nicer. I want it in 350 ml 500 ml and 1 litter. I don't want the basic structure to change but needs a lid which is very beautiful and elegant. I am happy to reward up to $500 or more depending on the design . I prefer someone who has done at least a nice looking teapot or similar products. Please if this suits you let me know. I want to start with the500 ml

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I would strongly suggest you to post it as a GrabCAD Challenge and get in contact with the team. Since you are offering around $500 as reward, you can ask GrabCAD to provide Badges to the to the Top 3 designs. It has very good potential and you will be amazed by the number of nice "lid" design and improved Pot design that freaks here can come up with.



On the right side on the page that follows the link, you will details to create a challenge.

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