Looking for someone who can make a model of the Discovery 5 for a hobby project...

Hello peope,

I build some custom RC scalers and I'm working on a new project.
I'm trying to make a RC model of a Land Rover Discovery with air suspension and other stuff.
I modeled some parts for the project myself, and printed them with my 3D printer. That went really well. Now I'm looking for a nice body to put on to it. I have a Discovery 3 body laying around, but I thought maybe it is even cooler if I could print the all new Discovery 5 body.
As I said I can do some moddeling but I can't make a good surface model of a car such as that.
Now I'm looking for someone who would like to make a model like that just for the hobby, because I'm not planning to spend $100+ dollars to try someting out.
If you want to see my projects:https://4usebuilds.weebly.com/
I would like to hear if someone is interested!

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