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I have been working on a accurate model of a remote weapon station for almost a year now. It is extremely accurate and has many parts. I would be very interested in seeing this model made into a commercial model kit. In order to produce kits i need to create a master mold first.
That is where I need some help. I want to see if anyone here would be interested in working with me to get this 3d model turned into a full blown model kit.
I know there is costs involved in printing such a complex piece. I know the printing material is not free either. I may be able to get some funding for the master mold but I want to see if there is anyone here who can provide me with a quote first. or if you would be willing to receive a percentage of the kit sales.

Please contact me here at grabcad.
Only serious request please.

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You have a fantastic looking model there. Excellent work.
Presumably you are considering an 'Airfix' type kit. The parts in this type of kit are produced using 2 piece moulds. Can your model be separated into parts that can be produced with 2 piece moulds, (having an adequate draft angle, no undercuts and sufficient thickness)?
What scale are you considering?

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I have a friend, a guy who used to work in our shop, who does this with esoteric sci-fi models. He works with people online and then makes kits either for himself or for limited sales. However he only does things from sci fi movies and only kits that have never been made before. Things like Dune, Talyn, Farscape etc. He would not take on your kit but he would probably advise you of some other places to go to get advice. I can send you an email for him if you want.
Some thoughts on your model that jump out right away...
With limited run kits you want to be really aware of the parts count. Most of these kits are made from poured or rotocast urethanes from silicone rubber molds. You can get great detail, but if you want 100 parts, the model cost will be in the stratosphere. If you are in the US it is going to be $50 to $300 per mold. Part cost depends on volume but EACH part will be $10 to $100.
Beyond that there are a couple of cost centers. Getting your geometry ready to make the masters is one. If you are new to molding, watch some utube videos to understand how things get molded. Think SIMPLE. reduce undercuts. Also think about how thick things have to be to exist in the real world. Next create some objects that you will use to boolean other parts together and start tying to get your parts count down. Think about dividing this object up along mold parting lines. Getting someone to do this well will either be a labor of love for them or really expensive so it is better done by you with advice from the mold shop.
Good luck and post back if you want more thoughts.

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The model appears excellent in figures but should be functionally capable too. I would suggest you to get a 3D printing material from some good store such as 3D Printers Bay which offers 3D printing materials and equipment at very reasonable costs.

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