Lookinng for a partner program of solidworks

I am trying to design tubes in solidworks in order to produse them in a trumpf laser cutting station.I have problem to convert those drawings from solidworks to Trutops in geo mode .Is there an add in program to help me to do this job better?

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2 Answers

Hi, What kind problem do you you have? It's problem with dwg/dxf?

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I don´t know anything about Trutops, but I will expect it to read in DXF-files, right? (If not, then never mind the stuff below)

If thats the case you just go to save as, select dxf (even if its a shetmetal part).
Then you get a DXF/DWG Output menu and from there you can chose the things you want to export. If you only select "geometry" and press OK, you get a preview, press save if its ok (or "cancel" will bring you back to change your choises

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