low cost company to make a metallic prototype?


I'd like to build a steel prototype of a new kind of high security lock (I have the CAD model).
I don't have the proper tools to build it myself, I've thought that I could pay to some online company to build it for me.

I've found these:
mcmaster, bigbluesaw, teamwhyachi, firstcut, emachineshop, quickparts

Do you have any experience with them?. Can you recommend any other?

I'll do it in steel, or aluminium if steel is too expensive.
Maybe I'll get some parts from one company and some other from other to avoid that they could copy my ideas.
I guess CNC is the best method to make it, though I accept any suggestion.


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2 Answers

This is Bella from GS Model. I saw your question just now.
Maybe our prototype services would be helpful for you.

With 9 years' practical experience in this field, GS Model Company offers full services in CNC Machining, SLA/SLS Rapid Prototyping, Vacuum Casting, Quick Turn Tooling, Injection Molding, Finishing/Painting, and associated processes.

You can send details to me, and my email is bellagsmodel@gmail.com

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