Lycoming Tio-541 Drawing

I can't find solidworks drawing of Lycoming Tio-541 in anywhere. Can u please help me??

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I too check its not available. i have one idea but i don't know whether its working or not. some web sides are available. if you want this model in 3d buy there. it may be some $10-30 US dollars.after you make the model in drawing. before once i tired the same idea.the problems is lycoming tio available or not in that webside.

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Consider using TIO-540 there is a small difference between 540 and 541. Below is what Wikipedia says:
Same as a TIO-540, except the "1" indicates an integral accessory drive.
I'am enclosing a -540 model to you. It's in Rhino3D format - I cant open it. Good luck

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