M 10-g9 & M 10-H6 means in autocad 2D drawing ???

hi i'm a learner of Autocad i faced this two problem.i did not understand what does it means M 10-g9 & M 10-H6 so please tell me its meaning

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To me, it meens that you have :
-for M10-g9 a shaft of diameter 10 with a g6 tolerance on this diameter
-for M10-H6 a hole of diameter 10 with a H6 tolerance on this diameter

you can find tolerances values here : http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa294/oldtiffie/Tolerancing/Caliper_accuracy2.jpg

You can search about "engineering fit" or "engineering fit tolerances" ;-)


P.S.: Do you have an example were M10-g9 and M10-H6 are used?

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