M10x1.5 -H6?

In the following part there is a hole with those specifications M10x1.5-H6.
I am not able to find this particular hole in the hole wizard.
Can you help me create it?
thanks in advance!

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3 Answers

Hole Wizard does not have that thread pitch for some reason.
You can edit the hole Wizard definition files to add the hole, but that sounds like too much work.
Other options are:
1: If you have SolidWorks 2016, use the new Thread feature.
2: In any version of SolidWorks, you can insert a Cosmetic Thread annotation. This is the best option as there is no need to actually model the thread. This specific size does not exist in the Cosmetic Thread tool, so set the Standard to none, and manually type in the information.

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I'm not sure why you'd use .7 for the pitch.
M10 is the diameter. 1.5 is the pitch. 6H is the class.

If your goal is an animation, then the Thread feature is the quickest option.
If you post your part it may be possible to troubleshoot why it gives an error.
Standard threads like this are not usually added to a model, but for an animation it makes sense.

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I see. I tride the thread feature but it didnt work: for some reason when i enter the pitch 0.7 solidworks gives an error saying i need to increase the thread length ( it is set up to surface in celindrical part).
The cosmetic option is great but what if i want to create an animation of a bolt folowing this thread.

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