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Magical World of 3D Printing

By Sourbh on 31 Jan 09:23 19 answers 5 comments

Hello friends this is Sourbh again with the details in 3D printing, some of the students were not able to understand the 3D printing clearly so i am here to clarify this with the best as i can.

" Some Sentences were referenced from INITION"

19 answers

  • Sourbh
    Sourbh almost 4 years ago

    Step 10 contains the details of all printable format, so see it in full view by clicking on it.!!


  • john fall
    john fall almost 4 years ago

    Hi Sourbh,
    There are some good clips on and manufactures web pages, some lasting for the entire printing of a simple model. It's a good way of watching and understanding what 3D printing is.

  • Sourbh
    Sourbh over 3 years ago

    Today a special 3D print verification for the model for your baby girls and also for the lady.!!

    Baby Girl Hair Clip

    Let's check it out the details:-

    Printed in:-

    0.20 mm layer height 100% infill, 28.8g, 3 hour 3 minutes. PS: This model has 4 part in which you have to print only the part A, B and spring guide bush. The spring is standard, material:- Steel. Or it is possible to print the spring too with PLC/ABS. or any material which has elastic behavior.

    Answered with a tutorial:

  • Sourbh
    Sourbh over 3 years ago

    A special thanks to Our Minifactory.

    Thanks Miss Eva for your help and suggestion, Thanks Mr. Gurun for your all heart support.

    I appreciate your whole efforts to make me clean and good in 3D printing.

  • Pouriya
    Pouriya almost 4 years ago


  • Sourbh
    Sourbh over 3 years ago

    Dear TEK, I am completely agreed with you.
    I were printed all model just for Proto-type development.

    This all model were good to manufacture using the molding machine and with suitable plastic material which is not toxic and yet natural bio-degradable(Like the pet bottle's).

    Keep in mind that the product were printed through the 3 D printer is just for representation purpose and to see the outcome of with details. But not for Mass production because still now there is lack of printable material available and also they really cost more than expectation.

    Good luck.

    Answered with a tutorial:

    EVERYTEK over 3 years ago

    Hello thanks for these advises, but keep in mind, some 3D printed plastic are non compliant with food/drink use (possible toxicity)

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