Magnifying lens in CAD?

Did anyone manage to find a way to achieve the same effect as the real lens has on light? Convex or concave? The attempts with a spherical lens got me nowhere. Would an external rendering program do that?

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Hi Robert you can so that kind of stuff with 3D's Max I am sure as we had a little chat about it in our render and animations class.

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Well, let me know if that can be done. If the lens is solid, that is, if is treated as solid within the application and it's glass, then, it should act... however, 3DsMax doesn't work with solids, that was my first 3D apps I learned to work with... Not possible to make technical drawings with it, though :)

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A little late, but as they say ... Better late than never.
Because of my lousy laptop I thought PhotoView can't produce that, I was wrong. It's just that my graphic card doesn't support it.
Here you go:,

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