make 2 edge flange from one in solidworks

can you use the Edit Flange Profile and make two Edge Flange like in this picture

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2 Answers

I assumed the answer was yes, but the feature actually fails (in SW 2016). It looks like you'll need to either:
* Make two edge flanges
* Do a pattern
* Mirror the flange
* Model only half of the part and mirror it.
* create a single edge flange, and then cut away the unwanted portion with a separate feature.

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Make sketches and complex holes right inside of a function seems to me neither faster nor more interesting about the feedback. Why not make a sketched bend, anyway you know the thickness of the fold. Personally I'm leaving a folding rectangle that I unfold, I'm doing a sketch and then I pick folds. Because the unfolding gives me the fold line or sketch my abduction. Miror in the sketch is often less complex.

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