Making a mold to hold a part help

Okay so i will try and be as clear as i can. i am a little confused.what i want to know is if their is an easy was to design something like possibly foam to hold an already existing designed part. I understand how to create core and cavity mold blocks to go around a part but i want say a mold block that i can set my part in and the foam block would form around negative areas of the part and just have a cutout of the positive faces al the way to the top surface of the foam block (the part would be inside the foam block) i have tried designing the foam block around the part and not merging it resulting in two different solid bodies. but when i do Combine/Subtract it will subtract the part in the block and i actually want to make an outline of the positive surfaces to cut upwards to the surface of the block. so i am able to set my part in there. this is a fairly complicated part.. i am not able to make a parting line because all the positive jump up and down in depth making it very difficult to create a parting line.

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Try using the 'Cut-Sweep' command with the 'Solid sweep' option. This will allow you to use your part as a cutting tool to perform a vertical cut into the foam.

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