Making a steel rope ?

I am trying to make a crane.I have already made the structure of the crane. The last part is to connect a hook and a rope. i don't know how to make a flexible part in solid works. can anyone help me with that.

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I don't think you can make flexible parts in solidworks. But you should be able to make a steel rope by using the helix tool and making the cross-section look like the cross-section of a steel cable.

Hope that helps.

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This works for "rope", wire, cords, twisted wires, etc.
1.make a 3D sketch to layout the path of the wire. Simpler is better for rebuild speeds. I do like the look of 3d splines but cost speed. a reference plane on an end and sketch your rope profile.
3. sweep it.
4. done.
To change the path of the rope just edit the 3D sketch.

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