Mastered Creo Parametric, next up; 3DS Max! - (Advice needed)

Hi all, been on here for years but I don't think I've actually asked a question!

So after graduating and getting a couple of years experience under my belt I now consider myself very competent in Creo Parametric, at least in my line of work (scale aeroplane & vehicle design). I've decided I want to branch out my skill set with the eventual hope of getting as confident in 3DS max as I am in Creo.

I've managed to get a 3 year educational license for Autodesk's 3DS Max Design and upon spending my first couple of hours in the system I've realised I'm almost going to have to start right at the beginning! As Autodesk have such a vast amount of tutorials available I intended to start working my way through those until I have a basic understanding of the system and most of it's modelling functionality. After that I intended to start trying to recreate some of the more simple projects that I have worked on in the last couple of years (small aircraft and the like).

Before I dive in head first I thought I'd come here and seek any advice from you wonderful people who may have already mastered 3DS Max and may know of some better tutorials. Or even better anyone who has also made the jump from a parametric system (not necessarily Creo) into 3DS and survived the journey to share knowledge!

Look forward to any and all responses!

Thanks in advance,

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