"Mate References in Solidworks" how mate a tube to elbow?

how to mates in an assembly between tubes and elbows automaticly?
I works really good just on the tubes but not between tube elbow.

In the Part...
Primary Reference Entity > Edge ><1>

In Assembly...

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You mean you want to do the same way we did during making an realistic motion spring?

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Thanks for your answer Sudhir!

I meant with automatic insertion mate.
Please observed the picture Mate Reference...

I need many of different curves an straits in every assembly, so that is way I need to make it simple.

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Need to add
Step 3 to fully constrain parts
Make a part plane paralell to an assembly plane
MakeTop Plane from the part2 paralell to Top plane in assembly
Mate can be paralell, angle or perpendicular

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Hi Cliff, in this case constrain it will not be possible to rotate individualy to create a underground curves. (Example-1)

It will have to be manualy mate it every time! if I undertood you?

Thanks for you replay!

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Are you mating this to a 3D sketch?
If you add a reference point at he center of each elbow end and constrain it to the path and constrain elbow end face paralell it could work

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Thanks again Cliff!
well that is what I do in AutoCAD.
the different is that I can make blocks for every model, then I select as many as I need when I rotate3D.

Observed the Green line!

In Solidworks assembly I can't select them but just one.
I still wait for someone with that tip.
Let's hope it!!

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No, no!
Last picture I did for waterslides. In this case I did; the customer can build a waterslide in minutes.

Right now I like to do it testing if it is possible for underground purpose.
The pipes are just for this example.

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Have you looked at Solidword premium with routing
It does this very quickly to a 3D Cl sketch

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