mechanical simulation Rhino or other

I have to develop a mechanical construction with rotatable gears, levers etc.
I need to be able to create a model where I can move one piece and all connected pieces will react by themselves so that I can control and optimize the whole mechanical system.

Would be perfect if I could use Rhino. Many people suggested using Grasshopper + Kangaroo. But at this moment I have no experience with Grasshopper.

Maybe you know any plug-in to Rhino or a better program to create a 3D model (CAD) with feature like that?

2 Answers

Grasshopper is include in rhinoceros version 6.

bongo ?!

If you are using Grasshopper within Rhino then , try downloading Kangarro Plugin that runs within Grasshopper for simulation and Physics .
This works perfectly with Rhino 5 and Rhino 6 as well.

Kangaroo :