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Hello to all,
I have these 3 devices that I should attach to the rack.
Do you have suggestions to give me?

in STEP format so I can see it

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Attached uploads the file in IGES format. Thank you

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A custom sheet metal part/parts could do the job.

If they are to maintain their current orientation and position make sure to keep connectors, wiring, piping, and similar items in mind. A close look at the spectrometer shows that the primary input/output connector panel is almost right against another device (pump?) leaving little room for connectors and plugging/unplugging.

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I think many more details are needed before a viable answer can be suggested.

1 What is the gray cabinet shown in the assembly?

2. Is the plan to design a rack or frame that holds the three components, and fits, or mounts inside of the gray cabinet?

3. Is anything else inside of the cabinet? That is a huge amount of space for the three items shown.

4. As Robert asked, does the orientation of the three components need to remain as they are shown? It does not make sense given the network switch is at a 45° tilt.

5. What are the two other devices? Pumps? Motors? Something else?

6. What are the connections required to each of the devices? Power, network, water, ...etc.

7. Where and how are these connections being passed through the gray cabinet?

8. What side of the gray cabinet faces upwards?

9. What side(s) of the cabinet is removable, or hinged?

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So, to make it short I'm working on implementing a food control device. whether they are contaminated or not. They will go upstairs
Within the device (rack) there are: racket rays tube, a Detector reader (Amptek), and a laser that signals the presence of food, and then launch the tube to shoot rays that are then read by the detector.
The position taken by the tube and the final one is fixed. while the angle will vary for the detector.
Below these devices you see (10CM) there will be a plan where other objects will be placed
Which are part of the device.
-The connections will go inside the rack.
-Where you see a kind of handles are the doors (front and rear). The side walls are removable

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