Mega upload of filetypes to raise the score and to generate a bulk of notification mails.

The GrabCAD Ranking is manipulated again.
Since last week I see that several engineers are uploading filetype after filetype to raise their score (or to protect their ranking).
Some engineers gathered +10.000 points extra last week .
I reveived a bulk of1500 notification mails due to the mega upload of filetypes, in less than week.
Is this really what we expect of a ranking system?

Please guys stop this bullshitt because you are endangering the credibility of the GrabCAD site. I think this site deserves better.

If you share this opinion, please comment this item....

Best regards

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I have the impression that I am like Don Quichote; fighting against windmills......

Please comment this item to get the attention of everybody.

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I agree with A3NCAD. The GrabCAD Ranking is being manipulated by some "designers". The GrabCAD Ranking definitely needs changes. Number of downloads and likes are evidence of the quality, and that only should be scored.

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Hi everyone!
I'm the first on the list because of renderings and formats.
format+10 format+10 rendering+15
format+10 ...
I'm tired, and I have a headache
I agree with A3NCAD
I'm surely not the best engineer on the GC
No one the best
GrabCad team is doing its best
I'm sure they'll take care of it

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In my view the GrabCAD team should think about, what they want:
If they give lots of points for renderings, the site will go to "renderCAD" like Mr. Petkov said. Only pictures, but no models.
If they give lots of points for adding formats, they will get much "traffic" but no quality. 98% of "new formats" are dumb models, with absolutely no use. It is great to save models as IGS, STEP but this is enough.
GrabCAD should give much points for quality models. I am getting bored but the 1000 bolts, nuts and other 5-minutes-models. How? Maybe "Models we love this week" could be a way.

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A ranking should be representive for the quality of an engineer.
It should not be measurement how many times an engineer hits the upload-button with another file format.
Uploading another file format is a service to another engineer and should not be awarded in points. The other engineer can alwats award this service by liking the model.

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Quality seems to be first and foremost on your minds. We agree! The GrabCAD team is working on changes and will post an update on our blog, today. In the meantime, report models using the flag button and users to me via PM. We appreciate your support and hope you continue to upload high quality content and renderings. Send any comments and concerns my way.

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Whatever system is employed, people will 'work the system'.

What we need to do is devise a system that favors the kind of activity we want to see. Then, when people 'work the system' they'll be doing what we want them to do.

But before that, we need to agree on what we actually want.

I think there should be an emphasis on quality. Personally, I'd like to see large assemblies with many parts presented with the original CAD files rather than single parts or renders. I have no objection to single parts or renders but I think the system shouldn't favor them.

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Maybe we should wait for response from the GC team as they are working on it. I am 100% sure that they don't want GC to lose credibility and keep it qualitative rather then quantitative. They had done it before and they will do it again.

:D :D So let's wait. :)

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The rankingscore should be fair and engineers should not try to manipulate the ranking.
Otherwise a ranking will get meaningless.

Manipulating the score is jeopardizing the quality of the site.


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I don't agree that the scoring system is irrelevant. It's the only way to valorize quality of work. Maybe GC scoring is important part of somebody CV.

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Thank you again for your continued support and helpful feedback. Please see what <a href="">GrabCAD Score Improvements Are Coming</a>.

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Thanks the GrabCAD-team for listening.

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I'm still waiting for change in the system
but some "engineer" can not wait... My notifications will explode

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Some engineers are still uploading massivly filetype afterfile type to obtain the highest ranking before GC-team can take action in this matter.
I agree with the engineers that we have to wait for the intervention that the GC-team will take.
So guys - stop manipulating the system while uploading filetypes & renders.

I will stop any point awarding upload till the moment that it is clear what GC-team propose in this matter.
Please comment this item if you share this opinion.

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I believe that while using a fair and correct (ranking) system, the score can be appreciated by GC-engineers als a quality label, awarded by international commubity of CAD-specialists.

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