Model a car using its blueprints in Solidworks

I want to learn how to model a car using blueprints in Solidworks. Are there any tutorials available? Also which car will be the easiest to design as this is my first attempt.
Thank You.

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Pick a car you like. It will be more important that you enjoy working on the model than picking a model that is easy.

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This is a 2.5 hour video on the same topic. I have not watched it. I hope it helps.

Another video for a VW Beetle:

I don't think either of these videos have audio, so they are really not helpful.
You could check some video training sites like Pluralsight to see what they offer, the quality of their videos and narration are very good.

There is also a 14 hour DVD available for making an Audi R8:
Again, I have not watched it, and I don't know the cost.

This guy has a 6 hour Audi R8 video on youtube:

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