Modeling a real rope in Solidworks?

How can I model a rope which has a pulley on one side and a linear motion device on one side? The pulley wraps the rope and pulls something linear. Is it possible in Solidworks?

Thank you in advance.

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2 Answers

You can only do animation of rope as far as i know. (Not Basic motion or motion analysis)

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It depends on the motion you want to create.
Using Animations each frame updates the geometry when rendering.
Using top-down design any relations will update.
To create a rope, a 3d spline can be used with as few points as possible.
Add a construction line to a midpoint of the spline and dimension it so it will be acting as a fixed length.

See example:

If you are using Motion, more complex behaviuor can be used. The motion can be imported to Animation. (see attached)

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