Modeling the fin of turbins in ansys?

how can i model fin of turbins in ansys?lots of thanks for yours guidances.

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Hi morteza asemani,

Unfortunately, I don't understand well your question because is 3 ways to use ANSYS in your case: first of all to import your CAD model direct in ANSYS using direct imported, to imported in ANSYS using intermediary format (as .iges, parasolid, etc,), or constructed directly in ANSYS Design Modeller. From my point of view the best option in your case is to use direct imported because in this manner you can define some variables in your CAD model and after import your variables will be recognize by ANSYS (of course if you will respect some rules of ANSYS import, rules finded in ANSYS help). This manner in very important to use it if you want to observe differences in results when you will modified some parameters (variables denominated in CAD model).

If you need more information, I am to your disposition. I hope will be useful for you this information. My experience with ANSYS including 5 years like FEM engineer.

Best regards.

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