Modeling Triple-Mass-Spring-Systems in 3 Dimensions in Ansys Workbench


I want to create a Hand-Arm-System (HAS). It should be built out of a tripple-mass-oscillator in each direction. At the moment I realized it in 1 direction with 3 rigid bodys cubes with 1cm x 1 cm x 1 cm and specify the density so that they have the mass that I want for every rigid body and a contact spring between the cubes.

The problem is. Later I want to put the HAS on a machine to look how much vibration is getting through. But that means I can only have 1 object/cube "gripping" the machine. So how do I realize a mass-spring-system with different masses (at the gripping and along the direction) in every direction.

Is there a way to give a object different masses in every direction (maybe point masses)? But I couldn't connect point masses with springs. Is there a way?

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