Modelling a 30 tube automotive radiator

Hi all ,
I have been trying to complete a simple radiator model(Not Assembly) using SW 2014. I created a helical tube based on the available data(30mm mean dia , 15mm pitch , 30 revolutions, 4&2 mm (outer and inner dia of the tube)). Since i have been able to created this profile , I have made a construction geometry in the vertical direction to linear pattern the swept part.
In the preview I could see how the part should be looking but when i check the green tick, nothing's happening . I strongly suspect something's wrong with the sweep settings of the first part . Pls help guys. Thank you

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2 Answers

You need to pattern the 'body', not the 'feature'

In the options of the pattern feature, uncheck 'features and faces' and select 'bodies' .

Alternatively, you can use the move/copy body feature and make multiple copies, without needing construction geometry to define the direction.

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Thank you very much Robert...After much tinkering I was finally able to Patten the bodies...The second option you said never popped in my head ..Will try that out . Thank you again ...

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