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Modelling of engine intake/exhaust ports

By Paresh Salecha on 01 Jul 13:19 2 answers 0 comments

Hello everyone,
I am trying to model Intake and exhaust ports of an engine using Creo. And I am at the concept development stage. I basically have to create few port variations and then perform CFD Simulations on them. I am new to new all this and this is a master thesis for me and I am stuck badly trying to model these. The problem I am not getting an exact to way create the models. To describe in detail. The port basically has to be inclined at some fixed angle from the valve axis( say 60°) and the height of the port in the design space could be between 50 to 70 mm. As you know the valve stem and the valve guide is cut from the port and also there is the guide boss cut out. what I am trying to achieve is to have a tapered cone from the minimum cross section to the flange side of the cylinder. I might come up with a few port variations using the taped angle, maybe 2,34, etc.Also, I am trying to achieve a good smooth curve of the port section vs its length. So when I try different combinations, either the port shape looks ugly or I end up having a bad cross section curve.
I tried using surface, blend, sweep/swipe blend, boundary blend but I am still stuck. Maybe I can try using graph method but have no idea how it works. I hope someone can help me out with this.

Thanks in advance.

2 answers

  • Dave Gerberout
    Dave Gerberout 4 months ago

    My advice to you - don't stop on details. If you have problem with ports, try to do anything else, and then back to this. About usability of Creo i heard here - from essays and documentations.

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    068a4b98 16 days ago

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