Modelling on a curved shape surface

I've got a 3D IGS model with flat bottom and curved top. I need to add another part on the top to meet the curve.

What would be the easiest way?

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3 Answers

Depends what the other part is like. Extrude to surface? or is a seperate part that will be assembled?

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i would create an asm. Bring in your first part. then create another part within the asm and use your first one as a reference....

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If you don't want to create a separate part, you can just extrude up to surface or offset from the surface. If you want the new part to start at the surface you can extrude up to the surface in one direction and then in the other direction as far as you want. The extrude will still be normal to whatever plane your sketch is on so you can control the axis of the extrude by manipulating the plane of the sketch.

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